Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dangerous political tendency in Scandinavia

Last day of the year. Not much to tell, really. Have been working a lot this christmas, in the book store as usual. Working, eating, living, reading. A good life, I feel, simple and centered.

The political situation is slightly worrying in Norway these days. A populist party, masters of denial and playing up to "the ordinary man's" rather unreal and unhealthy wishes: Cheaper petrol, cutting the taxes, spending more money from the oil fund (our country's financial security, used as support for every new, wild idea that would need a lot of money - but the so called huge size of the oil savings really isn't that big, it's just that the Norwegian population is rather modest - so NOK per capita is high, but seen in a global perspective, there really isn't that much money in there). In short, this party (FrP, or The Progress Party, in translation (stupid, stupid, misleading name)) plays at people's stupidity, nourishes theyr egotism and whips up nationalistic feelings. They are dangerous, because so many seem to follow their tune, believing that we are the best nation in the world and that we don't need ideals or a moral base in our personal and political lives - which, incindentally, is the same thing.

So my plea to the Norwegian people in 2007 is: Please, do NOT vote for FrP in the election the forthcoming September! They are more dangerous than they seem! I am warning you. The costs of their politics are yet to see, but the tendency is clear: Everything is based on profit and gain, in every single thing one is supposed to gain something, preferably money. Money, money, money. These three words (...) are really the centre of this party's thinking. Our country's soul is at stake if these people get to rule.

Again, I am warning you. We cannot let this happen.