Friday, June 23, 2006

Situation: Here. Now.

Ok, this is me: I am sitting at work, on a desk in a large book store in Oslo, Norway. Outside there is sun. Inside it is quiet. You can hear the squeeking in the floor as people stroll around and the buzz of the air conditioning. Everything seems so.. quiet, almost deserted! And I find myself thinking, What am I doing here? You know those times when you see yourself from the outside, as if you are just looking at some stranger and wondering - how did I get there? How on earth can that be "me"? This is one of those times.

You have a sudden rush of seeing things a they are, looking at the world in a more objective way than usual, and you find that you are a miniscule entity in a large web - or rather, that although you are small and seemingly unimportant, you are actually a part of a living organism. You are part of Life. A holographic expression of the rest of the world.

From this perspective, every problem you think you have suddenly seems rather trivial. Your petty worries about everyday life seem small and unimportant. Well, in this perspective such worries are small and unsignificant. And in glimpses like these, I think you actually see things more as they are than you normally do. I think that this perspective is more real, more cosmic. Yeah, I think cosmic is the term here. You look at yourself with the eyes of the cosmos. With the stuff that you are made of, came from and (if logic can be used here, and why shouldn't it?) what you will return to when you no longer live in the shape you now have.

This is weird, seeing myself write these things. But I honestly believe that what I have said here is true.

Only half an hour left before we close tonight. I like being surrounded by books, but I also like seeing the sun while it is up. Well, nowadays it doesn't set until around midnight, but anyway...

This is me, again. Good night.

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