Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Page 99 test

A short entry for the fun of it - in a previous post I wrote about how first sentences can tell you a lot about a book, whether you would like to continue reading it or should find yourself something else to do. In the same post I think I wrote that one should be able to read a page almost anywhere in the book and from that sample find whether the book is a worthwile pastime (or rather fill-your-time-with-good-insights-and-beautiful-language-or-an-intricate-and-exciting-story-or-whatever-you-require-from-a-good-read) for you. At least taht is something I believe.

Well, some inventive people have thought just about the same thing, but with a more specific placement in the book in mind than just any old page: Read page 99 of any book to decide whether this is something you should fill your head (soul, heart, anything) with.

Doesn't look like the site has been put up yet, but we still have libraries, don't we? And in the future, hopefully wonderful e-libraries. (Would love it if they made some kind of library with a graphic of dark wood ailes, shelves, green lamps, chandeliers and the whole lot. Guess I am more of a traditionalist than I originally thought. But still, nothing wrong with beautiful and peaceful surroundings, are there? Library spaces can be so meditative.) You can, of course, already have a sneak-peak in many books at Amazon.

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