Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leafy living

Well, well. I just had to put this house on my blog. Poetry of all shapes appeals to me. This house, exterior and interior, speaks to me like a wildly inventive, fun and bubbly children's poem. The image I first saw was that of the living room with the leaf shaped windows, and I just felt a whoosh of  joyful childishness. How fun would it be to grow up in a house like this? I do like straight lines and clean surfaces, but oh! do I enjoy the leaf motif - the feeling of it is spreading through my body as I write this; organic and bendy and natural and supple.
Det tok litt tid for Åbo (Turku) kommune å finne en tomt til «Life on a Leaf», men da de omsider fant en tomt, var den perfekt. Huset ligger tett ved Åbos skjærgård, i et naturområde ti minutter med bil fra sentrum.
This kind of enthusiasm tells me that the child I was, enthralled by fairy tales and convinced of the magic of forests and landscapes, still lurks within. The happiness evoked by these images is in direct contact with my young side, that is, me as a child. Which puts everything about the linearity of time and the reliability of chronometers to the test.


Lyle Daggett said...

All the rich warm colors would really be a help during the long winter nights.

The house I grew up in had prisms cut into some of the windows on the south and west sides, so that when the sun was out it made rainbows on the walls and floors inside.

Thekla said...

We have dark, long winter nights, all right.

I guess the "Nordic/Scandinavian style" in furniture and design is intertwined with the light outside. The light wood, like the silver grey of fir, and the white, white and white is at the same time adjusted to brighten the long dark nights at winter, and to capture as much of the whitish high-frequency light in the summer as possible.

The memory of rainbows on the walls and floors sounds really nice.

vonHammer said...

I like leaves! Very nice house : )