Friday, July 07, 2006

Augustine & me

I read a few paragraphs of Augustine's Confessions and felt my heart crack open. With a painful pang, veils who had been clouding my presence/existence, were drawn away.

I felt my own heart in its raw, unprotected state, quivering, pulsating, flowing with incredibly tender, liquid/vapour-like substance. All too intensely alive and potentially painful for me to be able to stay with, as I am at work. Surrounded by books (which are probably my best friends), but also by people. And I just couldn't break down or merge completely with the text. Or - the text is not really what I would say is what reached me today. It is the imprint of the soul behind it. Augustine flowed through his own words, from the well which he himself had contact with in order to write and see and feel and think what he did.

Meeting myself heart to heart like this made me realise, yet again, that the one you fear the most is yourself.

There is so much life in me, and you, that you do everything in your power to suppress it. It is painful to see and more painful to feel.

I needed a reminder of who I am.

As to who I can become, I dare not think. But am trying to just allow myself to be filled with true nature when it arises.

Love to all, always.

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