Monday, May 21, 2007

So hard to concentrate!

Menstrual cramps should be forbidden. How am I supposed to concentrate about my Baudelaire-thesis when it is difficult and painful to sit still, and my belly seems empty even though I just had an avocado, or a handfull of walnuts, or some olives...? True, the thinking centre is not situated in the lower belly, but trust me; your body has enough influence on your thinking as it is.

"Free your mind" - not so easy when your body drags you back down!

It usually helps drinking som nice, white tea. But today that just propels me into a spiral of "now I need something salty, because the tea washed all my minerals out", or, "this detox and purification thing happening when drinking white or green tea surely means I can now have some more olives", and... Blaargh, you get my drift.

Get Up&Out&Walking seems the only solution to this. Or, perhaps, viewing another episode of the BBC Pride and Prejudice?

Well, venting my frustration also seems a good idea.
But that doesn't make the pain go away.

Enough complaining for today.

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WenJun said...

Just a passerby comment:

I understand what you mean. I as well have difficulty to think today, and I as well can blame it on the cramps. I just don't put it in words like yours, that make it sound philosophically. xP

Another thing by the way:
I like your blog! It seems you like Jane Austen ánd Harry Potter! Wow! :D

Goodluck with the period! >.>;
Love, WenJun.