Monday, September 08, 2008

Lipton pyramide white tea

This is a tea that has become quite a close companion during my days at the university computer rooms and study chambers (or whatever you call it), a good number two to real loose-leaf tea which is just too messy to deal with in a spartan, book-infested environment like the university corridor in which I now daily lurk. The pyramid bags are a decent replacement for the real thing; loose tea leaves.
It says "white" tea on the label, but this is a truth up for moderation. If you study the contents carefully, you will find that only 11% of the tea leaves are actually white, whereas the rest is green tea and aroma (a hint of floral notes). I am always a bit disappointed with products not being what they pretend to be, but have grown more and more used to this widespread "moderating of truth" (also known as lying or misleading). You see it everywhere, and being a consumer is no simple task. You have to be highly conscious of what you buy if you are interested in knowing what you actually bring into your body. Read all labels carefully is my advice. I also have to add, that if you are a woman, you should take care to up or at least control your iron intake, as white/green teas have a tendency to flush this (and, I suspect other minerals) out of your system.
Well, this was not supposed to be a moralizing attribution to a large debate on food companies' business moral, but a short update on an OK way to have white/green tea when not at home. And although I am not for advertising any particular company's product, Lipton is the only producer I have noticed bring a pyramid white tea to the people. For which I am very grateful! And hopefully my dissertation will benefit from it, seeing as I write about English poetry ;-)
So long, Pyramid People.

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